wifi Router Login is an IP address that comes default on some home routers such as Belkin, SMC and Asus. You can configure a computer or a router to use this address on your local network. It can also be changed to your like, but make sure it’s within your local network IP range.

How to Connect to a Router Using

Connecting to a router’s admin console is not that hard. All you need to do is type in the IP address on the address bar, which in our case the IP address is You’ll be prompted for a username and password once connected.

There is a default username and password that can be found in the user manual. It’s important to change these defaults or else you make your local network susceptible to outside intrusion.

There are some internet providers that have made the login process user-friendly. They do this by allowing the administrators to type a friendly name in the web browser instead of the IP address. For example, Belkin users can type “http://internet” instead.

Solutions to Router Login Problems

There are some errors that you might encounter such as ‘This webpage is not available’ or the router is offline. Sometimes the router might not respond due to a glitch. Here are some solutions you can consider trying:

  • This might seem obvious, but check the ethernet cable connecting to your router. Make sure the cable is in good shape. If your router is non-wireless, then check the cable connecting the router and the device.
  • Router LED lights are available to help you troubleshoot problems. Normally, there are wireless and internet LED lights. You can go to the user guide to see what it says about the lights, what they mean and how they should behave.
  • You can also reset your connection by turning off the modem and unplugging the cable from the router. Turn off the router and the computer or any other device connected to the network.
  • What we’re doing is allowing the router to reset the IP on the router and the device. Powering the router back on allows it to do so. Connect your computer or device to the router. Now, reconnect the router to the modem.

This is just basic troubleshooting, if this doesn’t work; don’t hesitate to contact your manufacturer about the issues.

The IP Address Does Have Restrictions

You need to know that the IP address is a private IPv4 network address.It can be used to connect to a home network or a local network. What you need to know is that you can’t connect it to an outside network. In addition to that, you can’t configure more than one device to use the same IP address on the same network.

How to Change

You can choose to change the router’s address if you wish. You just need to ensure that it falls within the accepted range of IP addresses. If you have changed the IP address to or or, and would like to take it back to the default, you can also do so via a hard reset(factory reset) on your router.

Router Default Username and Password List