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How does a router work? An insight into the hardware

To connect all devices at home to the Internet, you need a router. This connection can be made over both LAN and WiFi. With a router, you can also build a local network to securely send data within your network.

How a router works is easy to explain.

With a router, data is forwarded to other devices or networks. This allows you to connect to the Internet and receive and send data over this connection. There are also different types of routers. However, in most cases, a DSL or Wi-Fi router is used thought their default IP addresses, such as

  1.  For example, if you want to send an e-mail message, it will be sent to your router as a data packet over your network.
  2.  The router uses a routing table to decide which route is the best for the data packet. Different criteria are included depending on the protocol used.
  3.  The connection is then established and the data packet is prepared according to the transmission technique.

These types of routers are available

  1.  With a DSL router, a connection to the Internet is possible by means of a cable.
  2.  The WI-Fi router, as the name suggests, also offers a connection via WLAN and is therefore more expensive to purchase.
  3.  A software router transmits the data packets using software and not the network card.
  4.  Larger companies use a backbone router. It can analyze and forward data packets faster and is therefore especially useful for high traffic.

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